PP, Pet trays and aluminium trays

Trays for packaging food and gastronomic products.

Hermetically sealable trays on packing machines provide the best disposable packaging for takeaway food.

High rigidity, good thermal insulation properties, a wide range of shapes and sizes, direct consumption possibilities and low unit prices are the main advantages of the packaging we offer.

Our products are ideal for use on packaging machines. The excellent quality of both the material and the finish allows hermetic sealing while maintaining minimum sealing time and temperature.

This significantly reduces costs and greatly increases efficiency. The trays can be used for packaging both hot and chilled food.

Our trays are available in different heights and sizes, with colours including white, black, natural, yellow and blue.

Our aluminium trays are available in different – even in custom – sizes upon request.

The used material is fully compliant with all the certifications required by Hungarian legislation to allow contact with food products.